So much killer ‘Outside the box’ Techno on my shelves, Here are ten standout tracks, wild, weird, and just plain good that go above and beyond the norm and inspire me.

This is the eqivalent of having people round my house and trying to pull out some of the maddest and most memorable tracks that there’s a chance they haven’t heard, drawing from a wide range of Techno but each track in it’s own way being extreme and special.

Play em Loud and NO SKIPPING through !

1. Matthew Herbert “Hidden Sugars” (Accidental, 2005)
This one never leaves my bag (I usually pitch it up a bit) and is one of those genius tracks (Herbert has done MANY) that can make or break a set . Even Forgetting for now that it was most likely made using samples entirely from sugar with Herbert rinsing every possible noise in every possible way from it to create the tune, it’s still a work of genius.. The groove is freeform off its head jazz with a thump, that keeps on giving you more… evolving and expanding with every section. Just brilliant. And there are so many other tunes he’s done in this vein and even more Technoey. An inspirational mind and producer.

2. Digital Princezz “Lost Reflection” (Semi Automatic, 2001)
A work of great beauty that conjures up such strong images in my mind.. Forlorn with amazing wasp like riffs that burrow right inside your brain, this one cleverly combines a lumbering undercarriage with a nimble light-footedness. Not for every dancefloor granted, but it’s a work of art that needs to be appreciated.

3. Jared Wilson “Office Analogue” (7777, 2009)
A masterclass in the silver box. Jared Wilson has created a track that is completely unique.. A moment of madness that gets the hairs standing to attention every time. Addictive !

4. Luke’s Anger “Sid Nasty” (Bonus Round, 2007)
This one is warm and weird, swinging along with all the elements resolving themselves effortlessly. Arrangement and components both spot on and it remains probably my favourite track ever by Luke.

5. Dexter “I Don’t Care” (Klakson, 2000)
Proper spazz-out electro from the Dutch man. Expertly crafted and fizzes right the way through . Masterful in every way.

6. Cristian Vogel “Don’t Take More” Jamie Lidell Remix (Tresor, 1997)
What can you say about this .. The late 90’s were all about this track for me.. never left the bag and used to pair it up with various ‘buttresses’ and mix em up deciding where to hoof a kick drum in for maximum blast. Me and Rob Stow used to call it ‘riding the Don’t Take” and its a part of the reason the Don’t label was named . Just utterly full on like being dragged with a rope around a bustling city by a crazy horse. There is no other tune that sounds like this one !

7. H “Level 1” (Black & White, 1998)
Mike Humphries on fire.. I still play this one all the time. Brutal and intense with a seemingly constantly randomised pattern that for some reason I always assume was made with the ‘Notron’ sequencer, but i could be way off. This is a killer track full of vibe whilst being menacingly minimal. Tunnel vision hardness with a subtle arrangement that gives just enough to keep you locked in.

8. M/C/JONES “91EEK” (21/22 Corp, 1996)

Another little known gem. This one’s got the wiggle and some wonderfully off kilter bleeping not unlike DBX or Todd Sines (who also appears on the same record) or even DJ Hyperactive mid nineties productions except for the fact that the arrangement keeps moving, switching up the percussion constantly. A treasured record with a vibe all of it’s own.

9. Justin Berkovi “Experienced” (Drought, 1998)
From the Sativae stable, Drought put out some extraordinary records during the late 90’s and this one, is a masterpiece. Justin Berkovi grinds his way through six minutes of creepy foreboding dungeon broken beat Techno that veers unnervingly through a selection of ghastly moods. One for Halloween !

10. Kit “Shoot Kit” (Fix, 2001)
Again, there’s nothing that comes remotely similar in style or sound. Some joyous use of flange too! . It starts out completely bonkers and creates a killer groove and you’ve got to leave it playing to the best bit during the 4-5 minute mark (Again, no skipping as context is everything). Rest in Peace Kit .